14 February 2009

Cover Collectors Circuit Club

Here's a club that's wonderful for a stamp collector.

You join the organization and then originate or continue "circuit" of covers - it's nothing like chain mail - chain mail is you mail 10 people and tell them they should mail 10 people or their grandmother will break her hip --

Instead a circuit is set up where I would mail a cover to Joe and then Joe would mail one to Raul and then Raul would mail one to Jamal who would mail one back to me.

Once I join (soon) I'll ask to get covers for centennial and beyond anniversaries, science, technology and space related stamps and famous people from a country who were not king or other rulers.

My grandparents had a similar thing set up when they were living. It was their Round Robin letters. There were about a dozen couples that were part of the round robin. Each couple would take their old letter out of the packet, read all of the other people's letters to see what's going on in in the others lives and then share their joys and family with the rest of the group.

The whole group was very dedicated and kept the project going for several decades.

The United States makes a lot of different stamp designs, but they don't hold a candle to some of those made by many other countries.

One thing I'm going to try, if it's allowed by CCCC rules, is to in addition to creating a circuit is to mail to the first person in the circuit a second envelope containing a circuit using stamps from his or her country so that even though I'm originating the circuit in the U.S., the first stamps come from, say, Canada or Australia.

Of course, when I can, I'll try to find pictorial postmarks that match the interests of the first person in the circuit.

I'm pretty enthused about this...

-- Bill

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